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Cristal Rose

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La vie en rose

Who said Marseille was full of macho men?! Surely the same idiots who said (according to the Marseille legend) that a sardine had clogged up the Vieux Port!

Not at all! In Marseille, the girls are independent, the girls are beauties, they know how to party, and nobody can stop them! They even have their own pink Cristal!

And it gently flows during the girly roof-top terrace aperitifs, overlooking the bay of Marseille, opposite the Bonne Mère basilica. It has the same aniseed flavour as Cristal Anis, but this is fun! A glass of pink in the hand shows a tanned, relaxed and happy girl, ready to savour the summer in the Mediterranean. She loves it here!

But rest assured, the virtues of Cristal Rose aren’t just to be found in Marseille! From Marseille to Lille, passing through Bordeaux, it brings joy to all those who taste it! And hey, why not in Paris? But in that case, on a barge!

Tasting tip: add enough chilled water to suit.  Remember, the water always comes before the ice!

Contenance70 CL
Degré45 % vol
Conseil de dégustationmettre le volume d’eau fraîche nécessaire pour obtenir l’intensité désirée. Et l’eau se met toujours avant les glaçons !
Contre-indicationsL'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
OrigineMade in Marseille - Made in France


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Cristal Rose

Cristal Rose

The taste of the Cristal Anis, with colour ! 


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