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Pastis de Marseille UN MARSEILLAIS

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The truly local pastis

For the locals, Pastis Un Marseillais is not just a drink, it's a friend! Anytime, anywhere, whenever you fancy a glass ...  At 11 o’clock in the morning, seated on the terrace of the Samaritaine bar on the Vieux Port, reading the local newspaper, at home on the balcony after work, before a wedding party, or simply watching the sun go down at the Bistrot Plage! Apart from the true locals, few know that the authentic pastis of Marseille is the pastis "Un Marseillais". It’s cool, simple, smooth and well-balanced. It’s produced in Marseille and all this makes it extra special for the acquainted. It’s part of our heritage, it’s not sweetened to please the masses and it remains faithful to the original recipe. That's why we love it and keep it secret!

Tasting tip: add enough chilled water to suit.  Remember, the water always comes before the ice!

Contenance 50 CL
Degré 45 % vol
Conseil de dégustation mettre le volume d’eau fraîche nécessaire pour obtenir l’intensité désirée. Et l’eau se met toujours avant les glaçons !
Contre-indications L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
Origine Made in Marseille - Made in France


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Pastis de Marseille UN MARSEILLAIS

Pastis de Marseille UN MARSEILLAIS

Pastis un marseillais. French aperitif produced from anise and licorice


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