Trio SERENO anisés sans alcool

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Cristal 100

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The Proustian moment

As strong as anisette, Cristal 100 is alcohol and sugar-free. The young and the elderly enjoy this after a game of petanque, under the plane trees in Place Lenche every Wednesday in July. It symbolizes the south, the Mediterranean, the joy of shared moments, jokes and tapenade! The bottle is unique and recognized by everyone. It’s part of the decor in all the bars in Marseille. A summer afternoon without Cristal 100 is like a Bastille Day without the fireworks. It's depressing!

Tasting tip: add natural or sparkling chilled water to taste.

Contenance1 Litre
Degré0 % vol
Conseil de dégustationMettre le volume d’eau fraîche, plate ou gazeuse, nécessaire pour obtenir l’intensité désirée.
OrigineMade in Marseille - Made in France
Après ouvertureConserver à température ambiante le bouchon bien fermé.


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Cristal 100

Cristal 100

Anised alcoholfree drink , sugar free. 

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